Friday, January 11, 2013

Feb. 6th Symposium on Christianity - Hakka Culture

If you are interested in learning more about Christian ministry to Hakkas in Taiwan, consider attending an upcoming academic conference (Symposium on Christianity and Hakka Culture) to be held on February 6th at National Jiao-tong University. This conference is free and is co-sponsored by the Taiwan Hakka Studies Association, Taiwan Hakka Cultural Association, College of Hakka Studies, National Central University in Zhongli, and Hakka Culture Institute, National Jiao-tong University in Hsinchu. Conference venue is the new Hakka Culture Institute campus of National Jiao-tong University (not far from the Hsinchu high-speed rail station in Zhubei). map:

Several Christian leaders who have been involved long-term in Hakka ministry will be presenting papers.  Paper topics include:  

1) The Establishment of the Hakka Christian Network; 
2) The Hakka Evangelical Association; 
3) The Hakka Priority of the Taiwan Chong-Zhen Church; 
4) The Response of Hakkas in Taiwan to Christianity; 
5) The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan and Hakka Ministry; 
6) The Translation of the Hakka Bible; 
7) Hakka Hymns and Music; 
8) Reflecting on a Christian Theology of Filial Piety, Innovations in Funeral Ancestor Rituals.

Here is the website for more information and registration:

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