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3月01 至 3月16日 103 年: 展覽主題: 對話、對畫- 承辦單位: ActBeyond (美國基督教差傳)


畫是話;讓畫跟心靈對話。這是一次 “與畫對話的心靈之旅” 的邀約;對著畫,讓心跟畫對話。
Art is language; allow art to dialogue with your spirit. This is an invitation to a 
“spiritual journey of dialogue with art”; facing the works of art, let your spirit enter into a dialogue with art.

這是一場 ”與畫對話” 的心靈饗宴,幫助你經歷平安的誠摯邀約。這不只是一場畫展,而是透過畫讓你忙碌、煩擾的心,得享安靜、休息的地方。這不只是一次的展覽,而是可以幫助你持續經歷平安、遇見愛的人生旅程的開啟。
This is a sincere invitation to a spiritual banquet of “dialogue with art”, one that can help you to experience peace. This is not merely an art exhibition, but a place of rest where your frantic, bothered heart can enjoy calm serenity through art. This is not just a display of art, but the beginning of a life journey that will aid you to continually experience peace and encounter love.

God loves the people of this world so much that He uses every means imaginable to tell us: He is love; He gives love, peace and hope to all who are willing to come close to Him and have faith in Him. Through this art exhibition, we invite you to give yourself an opportunity to spend time in dialogue with art, give your heart an opportunity to experience and receive all the peace, love and hope that the Lord of the Universe has to give.

展出者是一位客家細妹,生長於苗栗縣南庄鄉員林村坡塘尾的小村落;家裡世代務農。她畢業於澳洲國立大學,曾經在國際知名的銀行任職,七年前旅居加拿大期間開始習畫至今。 因以基督為信仰的核心價值所帶來的影響,將過去所經歷從基督來的愛、平安與盼望藉由一幅幅的畫作呈現出來,透過這次展出的作品與自己同族的鄉親們分享、並藉此傳揚神的愛。
These works of art were put on paper by a daughter of the Hakka people, born and raised in a rural township of Miaoli County to a farming family. Following graduation from Australia National University , she worked for some years in international banking. Seven years ago, while living in Canada , she began to learn painting, a journey that has continued until today. Through the influence of values based on her faith in Christ, she expresses the peace, love and hope from Jesus that she has experienced over the years in painting after painting. This exhibition is one opportunity to share her journey with fellow Hakka Chinese and neighbors in central Taiwan ’s rural townships, and to proclaim God’s love through these works of art.
地址: 423台中市東勢區中山路1
時間: 301  316 103 
     早上9:00  17:00,週一 至週日。
Exhibition Venue: DongShih Hakka Culture Park
Address: No.1 ZhongShan Road , DongShih District, Taichung 423
Time: March 1-16, 2014
     9am to 5 pm, Monday through Sunday

For more: contact: LeAnn Eyerman

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